Welcome Our Newest Ageless Innovators!

February 24, 2021 | Congrats to Village members David Baker, Michele Baldwin, and David Hiller for being part of the newest cohort of Ageless Innovators, Chicago’s first multigenerational co-mentoring program established in partnership with Chicago Innovation. Thanks to the generous support of the RRF Foundation for Aging, we are able to offer the newest cohort of co-mentors a Village membership. Please join us in welcoming this amazing group of Ageless Innovators to our community (see below for the full list).

Julie M Adduci
Chuck Andrews
Drew Barrett
Pat Barron
Dave Bartel
Cynthia Boyd-Yette
Hal Chaffee
Michael Crowley
Larry Deutsch
Peter DiFrancesca
Chris Freeman
Michael Goldwater
Dan Heck
Kathleen Hess
Dan Hostetler
Simon Hunt
Larry Kessler
Kevin Kinsella
Valerie Leonard
Rodney Mann
Sumit Mehta
Tom Morehead
Rick Planos
Zoe Quan
Darcy Rogers
Debra Rosenberg
Amy Segami
Jackie Sloane
Robert Snyder
Laurie Swanson
Ann Van Eron
George Vukotich
Susan Weller
Magnes Welsh
Gail Zelitzky