Health and Wellbeing

“I feel great!”

Wellbeing is what makes it possible for us to live our best possible lives. The Village supports all aspects of wellbeing – social, emotional and physical. Our programs help people over 50 and their families to better understand, manage, and improve their health and wellbeing, increasing confidence in making informed and educated healthcare decisions.

Social Health
Social engagement is a key component of health, longevity, and happiness. Being part of a welcoming community is transformational. The Village is a leader in addressing isolation and loneliness through its many social and educational events in person and on Zoom.

  • A weekly Event Calendar and Member Memo describe the exciting, engaging events that help people stay connected and make new friends
  • Carefully matched, trained volunteer Connectors who engage through phone calls, visits, and outings
  • Opportunities to get involved with committees, special projects, and volunteering

Emotional Health
Many people are reluctant to seek help for mental health concerns. We work to reduce the stigma and help people understand they are not alone and that help is available.

  • Compassionate, one-on-one exploration of your needs with a team of professional problem-solvers who really listen
  • On-going, up-to-date mental and emotional health programs in response to member needs, including peer-led support groups
  • Partnerships with Chicago’s most respected organizations and institutions to offer best practice educational programs and referrals

Physical Health
The Village attracts expert speakers and offers classes on issues that impact wellbeing including nutrition, exercise/movement, isolation, brain health, memory loss, family caregiving, and other topics of interest.

  • A trusted and extensive referral network including audiologists, physical therapists, nutritionists, and much more
  • Trained volunteer Allies to accompany you to medical appointments as an extra set of ears, to take notes, provide moral support, and see you safely home
  • Opportunities to make friends on walks in the park, at cooking demonstrations, exercise classes, and more

Whether it’s support through life transitions, change in health status, home health care needs, preparation for a planned surgery or for help afterwards … the Village is with you all the way.

To learn more about our Health and Wellbeing Program, contact Niki Fox, Director of Health and Wellbeing at [email protected].