Celebrating 10 Years of Navigating the New Longevity!

Celebrating 10 Years of Navigating the New Longevity!

June, 2009: A group of friends and neighbors brings the trailblazing Village movement to Chicago and the vision of a new paradigm for later life goes live!

Since then we’ve learned a lot about longevity – that life at 52 is different from life at 82; that there are big transitions along the way – and that it’s different for everyone. Here’s what makes us unique and successful at supporting each other’s growth and well-being through all ages and stages of later life.


Well-being is our mission and it means having the resources to face changing life circumstances with resilience, optimism, purpose, self-acceptance and choice. Providing the path to those resources is the work of The Village.


Aging often closes doors; the Village opens them through collective generosity, unfailing support, and limitless opportunities to develop connection and closeness.

Asset based

We utilize what’s there, building on opportunities and strengths. The resources and skills within our communities and our membership fuel collaborations, partnerships, and innovation.


All are welcome in our community through reduced membership fees, support for the unique needs of aging LGBT individuals, seeking accessible venues and more.

Uniting the generations

No age segregation here. From our Bridging Generations Board to our office team to our volunteers, intergenerational connections are part of our DNA.

Healthcare advocacy

Volunteers make sure that no member has to navigate the healthcare system alone. Click here to learn more about our healthcare advocacy initiative.

Non-stop learning

We do it everywhere: constant member feedback; a Longevity Symposium Series; a Life 3.0 program for members to explore “what’s next;” and a steady stream of curiosity-fueled events and programs.

No status quo

While our values and commitments never change, ingenuity and imagination have reshaped today’s Village from what it was in 2009 – and from what it will be in 2029. Join us in launching the next 10 years of innovation, as change carries us toward a new new longevity.