Financial stewardship

Since its inception in 2009, the Village has been committed to being an inclusive community and to financial sustainability. We have achieved stability by:

  • Not spending beyond our means
  • Growing diversified sources of income
  • Saving part of our surpluses for a rainy day
  • Maintaining a strong balance sheet

As an inclusive community, the Village has from its first day provided subsidized memberships, now equal to 22% of member households. Since membership and program fees only account for 40% of revenues we have achieved sustainability through a steady and diverse mix of sources for the remaining 60%: individual donations, sponsorships, a board fund, an annual benefit, consulting fees, and gifts in kind.

Annual surpluses of revenues after expenses have allowed for the establishment of the Fund for the Future, available for new ventures and a rainy day.

To view our 501c3 designation (form 990), please click here.