Partners & collaborators


The Village uses an asset-based approach to identifying first-rate resources for members, leveraging existing strengths within our communities. This approach has led to the formation of strategic partnerships with two organizations chosen for the breadth and depth of their capabilities and their recognized expertise in the health and well-being of older adults.


Rush University Medical Center

Rush Health and Aging provides health resources, information assistance, counseling, innovative educational programs, and a variety of support groups designed to improve the health and quality of life of older adults and caregivers. Rush Generations, a signature health membership program, offers adults a wealth of resources from a portfolio of workshops, classes and special events, designed to support aging and increase engagement. Membership in Rush Generations is free. In addition, fast-track access to care and physician appointments is a desirable benefit available to Village members through Rush’s Patient Special Services.

CJE SeniorLife

CJE SeniorLifeTM is a nonprofit, diversified and innovative eldercare provider and service organization that serves more than 22,000 older adults and their family members annually throughout metropolitan Chicago and its suburbs. Their mission is to facilitate their independence and enhance the quality of their lives through life enrichment, supportive resources, healthcare, research and education.


Through collaborations and joint ventures, an ever-expanding array of possibilities and choices have been assembled to respond to member needs and interests.

Apple store

Before-hours tutorials on all aspects of “iTech.”

Chicago History Museum

Venues for Village discussion groups and other events.

DePaul University

Annual helping hand services event provided by young volunteers.

Charles Schwab

Seminars on financial planning for older adults.

Yoga Circle

Special sessions for Village members using the individualized Gabriel Halpern technique.

UC Berkeley and Mather LifeWays “Boost Your Brain”

Evidence based series to support cognitive health.