Winnie Godfrey: How to Move Forward

Winnie Godfrey is a longtime member of the Village who says, “I joined for community and to be with people who share my passion for art … and maybe, someday, who knows? … I might need some help.” Well, someday came when Winnie broke her knee and tibia. “I was at a total loss about what to do and how to move forward. After a few days I called the Village to ask questions about caregivers, transportation, and mobility.” The Village supplied her with vetted resources for medical supplies, home health, physical therapy, and more. She could not walk for 8 to 12 weeks and the loan of a collapsible transfer wheelchair from a fellow member, plus a referral to a special taxi service made getting to doctors and other appointments easy and comfortable. She found a trusted caregiver previously employed and recommended by other Village members. “All along, the Village has help me with connections to people who are knowledgeable and capable like the thorough, patient volunteer who helped me do a PowerPoint presentation for an exhibit of my art. And then, in the sudden crisis of a broken leg, the advice and information allowed me to stay independent and thrive in my own home and environment.”

Photo by Diana S. Phillips